About Logistics Champions:
Our portfolio includes successful accelerators, venture funds, new product developments, and seamless integration of startups into large corporations.
As a trusted partner in enhancing supply chain and logistics performance, we also offer additional avenues for growth in innovation:
Leveraging our corporate and entrepreneurial experience, tools, and mindset, we now assist world-leading companies in overcoming significant challenges within the supply chain and logistics industry.
Logistics Champions was founded in 2022 by a small group of visionary entrepreneurs and corporate innovators with a proven track record of building impactful businesses.
We achieve this by harnessing the power of external technologies and solutions from startups and scaleups.
Enable corporate entrepreneurship with our expert guidance. Experiment with new business models, foster transformation, and cultivate an innovation culture. With extensive experience in managing corporate internal innovation across industries, including mechanical engineering, oil and gas, chemistry, and metallurgy, we can help address your specific challenges. Let’s talk.
Venture building involves creating and growing new ventures within an organization or ecosystem, exploring new business opportunities, assembling resources, building teams, and developing innovative products/services for sustainable growth. We manage a venture studio that assembles technologies and teams into tailored startups. Let’s explore how this tool can address your challenges.
Internal Innovation
Venture Builder
10+ years leading open innovation at top Industrial and Energy corporations
Former CEO at Russia’s top business incubator Ingria
Founder at 3 startups, 2 accelerators, 2 VC funds and angel investment community

10 years leading innovation at top industrial companies
Innovation ecosystem architect
Founder of REDhills Deep-tech club and several startups
Investor & Mentor
Sergei Arkhipov
Dmitry Stepkin
MBA MIT, MPA Harvard
Logistics Champions Founders:
we know how to integrate startup ideas to solve corporate challenges
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