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We send you monthly 10 or 20 carefully selected technologies to meet your specific needs; you decide what to do with them
We work as your innovation partners helping to find, select, and integrate technology solutions tailored to enhance efficiency
10 or 20 startups & scaleups monthly based on your pre-selection :
100 startups & scaleups in 120-day full scale personalized project identifying for you:
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Logistics Champions at Glance

Technology Scouting
Our high-quality database of hundreds of logistics startups from emerging markets is ready to work for your business
Corporate Venturing Support
Our top-notch approach allows for rapid implementation of startup technologies in corporations
Leverage our corporate venturing and open innovation experience to save resources and boost efficiency
Access new technologies ahead of competitors
Get effects fast
Waste no time & resources

We Deliver Results Across Categories

Sourcing & Procurement
Asset tagging & Sensors
Supply chain visibility
E-commerce logistics
Freight / Shipping / Fleet management
City logistics
Process & Planning
Warehousing & Production

Client Case Studies:

Say goodbye to unnecessary space and trucks!

At Logistics Champions, we partnered with a logistics service provider to boost sales revenue. Our solution? A state-of-the-art cargo placement system that calculates and optimizes cargo allocation on transport with exceptional accuracy.

Cut Costs, Slash CO2 Footprint: Illuminate Smarter!

Our collaboration with a warehouse operator aimed to achieve two vital objectives: cost reduction and minimizing the CO2 footprint.
Introducing our ingenious solution utilizing smart ultra-precise radio sensors, capable of functioning in extreme temperatures ranging from +30 to -30 degrees Celsius.

Enhance Customer Service with Procurement Automation!

A procurement services company was determined to elevate customer service quality and sought innovative solutions. Among the chosen pilot initiatives was the implementation of a procurement automation system featuring an AI-powered alternative selection tool.
Gone are the days of reserving unnecessary space and offering more trucks than needed. Our system reduces calculation time from days to minutes, enabling your company to present competitive pricing in tenders, be the first with proposals, and win more deals. Unlock your revenue potential and lead the logistics industry with our transformative optimization solution. Join us now and experience the difference!


By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, we enable flexible and precise lighting control within the warehouse, adapting to labor location seamlessly. The result? A remarkable 2.5x reduction in lighting energy consumption. Join us in embracing sustainability while optimizing your bottom line. Experience the power of intelligent illumination today!


With this cutting-edge solution in place, procurement specialists experience significant time savings in product searching. The result? A manifold increase in customer service speed, ensuring swift and efficient assistance. Empower your procurement team and deliver unparalleled customer service with our advanced automation system. Witness the transformation firsthand!



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