Logistics champions — FOR STARTUPS
Logistics champions — FOR STARTUPS
Logistics champions — FOR STARTUPS
Why our program – what you get
we work only with corporates that ready to pilot and buy from startups. Our goal is your pilot or contract of sale, if needed – we’ll help with fundraising too
our corporate clients have the power of decision making, direct access to stakeholders interested in piloting and buying from startups
we do only what is needed for your startup and our corporate clients to succeed in trying and buying new solutions from startups
Result focused
Decision makers
Total customization
What our corporate clients looking for
B2B eCommerce solutions
1. Digital optimization of routes and deliveries by transport

2. Monitoring of cargo condition during delivery

3. Automation or robotization of handling operations in transport (a focus on applicability to large and non-standard products is welcomed: pipe, bigbags, inert products)

4. Increase of water transport unloading speed (barges, sea vessels)

5. Improving the efficiency of marine logistics (reducing fuel consumption, increasing vessel occupancy, etc.)

6. Ensuring all-weather driving (traffic) of transport in the conditions of the north

7. IoT, processing and use of data to improve the efficiency of transport and warehouse logistics

8. Reduced cost and transportation time in the Arctic


1. Increase the speed and accuracy of warehousing operations (handling, acceptance, picking, inventory)

2. Automation of incoming inspection and acceptance of materials and equipment (machine vision, RFID, etc.)

3. Storage systems to increase speed, reduce manpower and space

4. Systems for increasing the speed of procurement, reducing the number of personnel and area

5. Automated intra-warehouse handling systems (for indoor and outdoor warehouses)
1. Data processing systems and machine learning for inventory analytics and forecasting and logistics route optimization

2. Blockchain in logistics

3. AI, ML, IoT, Smart Devices, Datafication, Extended Reality, New Energy Solutions
1. Technologies to improve personnel safety in logistics

2. Increasing the efficiency of packaging and containers use, reducing the amount and recycling of waste (packaging, containers, etc.)

3. Energy and resource saving, reduction of carbon footprint at logistics infrastructure facilities in the Arctic
B2B eCommerce solutions
1. Recommendation/Search Engines

2. Price Analytics and Forecasting

3. AR/VR technology

4. Content Generation Services

5. Assortment Planning

6. Gamification

7. Product Card Classification
Program stages
Pre-selection with customer
Application submission
Presentation to customer
Admission to the program
Express Audit and Individual Program or Implementation Plan
Acceleration ~ 3 months
Express preparation
Sale or pilot
Fast track for mature projects
(10 days)
4 batches of startups a year
Apply to the next Batch before January 1st

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