Logistics champions — FOR CORPORATIONS
Logistics champions — FOR CORPORATIONS
Logistics champions — FOR CORPORATIONS
Why our program – what you get

We deliver a high-quality pipeline of hundreds of logistics startups from emerging markets

Get breakthrough startups untapped by others


Our top-notch approach helps in rapid implementation of startup technologies in corporations – we help corporate innovators to save the resources and boost efficiency

Get effects fast

CVC investment support

Leverage our accelerator and corporate venturing skills to identify and select the most relevant for you startups
Waste no time

How we work: 4 batches 3 months each, the result is pilot or implementation at corporation

Identification of client technology challenges

Identification of client technology challenges
Selecting startups that have a product or technology with the potential to solve client’s tech challenges

1. Corporate clients interact with relevant 50-100 startups and pre-select the most applicable for 4 demo-sessions at which the most promising startups are selected for pilots or contracts of sale
2. The startups selected by clients enter our Program for 10-90 days to get prepared for pilots with our clients
3. Pilots or implementation
at the client’s

Program stages
Pre-selection with customer
Application submission
Presentation to customer
Admission to the program
Express Audit and Individual Program or Implementation Plan
Acceleration ~ 3 months
Express preparation
Sale or pilot
Fast track for mature projects
(10 days)
Logistics Champions - more than 20 people working for your tasks
Pool of Industry Experts and Analysts
Pool of mentors
Scout Team and
Business Tracker Team
Partner Network
managing partners

Find relevant startups

Name, Surname
Company name